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A Catalyst Leader is one who doesn’t focus on their own success. Instead they focus on pouring into their team and helping each individual grow to reach their full potential. 

They look at the big picture, understand how to move towards stretch goals and work tirelessly to help their team succeed no matter the challenge in front of them. 

At Catalyst North we believe that leadership is tied to people. It is intrinsically woven into the daily reality of walking along side those you are tasked to lead and coaching them forward with a steady hand and a calm mind. 

Leadership is not about pushing yourself out in front, instead it’s about showing others that you care for them as an individual and giving them the knowledge, tools, skills and support they need to thrive. 

Why does this matter? Because results matter. Because if you want to challenge someone else to develop and grow, then you must realize you are pushing them out of their comfort zone and into a new and (from their perspective!) uncertain path. 

Over the last decade our team has worked with leaders of all levels at companies like Amazon, Volkswagen, ThyssenKrupp, Lincoln Electric, Monster Energy, Miller Industries, Nippon Shokubai, Suburban & many others. 

Through a carefully balanced mix of initiatives we are able to deliver highly custom solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your team. Think about it. Your team is not “one size fits all,” its unique. It comes with its own set of strengths, goals and challenges that are unlike what anyone else faces. With that, why should you ever settle for an “out of the box” training program? 

You shouldn’t. Your training plan and interactions should be as unique as your team and designed to help you drive the results and outcomes that are important to your future. 

Not something that was written a decade ago and is still being pushed as relevant. 

Catalyst is different. And our team would love to partner with you as we help you find success as YOU define it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably our most frequently asked question! After all, a significant percentage of professionals have gone through what we call “bad” training at some point during their career. You know what we’re talking about. Long…..boring…..sessions that drag on and on for hours. What’s worse is that not only do you have to take time out of your schedule to sit through a class you don’t want, two weeks after the training has ended you can’t even remember what it was about, much less actually use it. 

Yeah….we’ve sat through a few of those ourselves over the years. Just thinking about it makes us a bit itchy. 

The truth is, Catalyst is different. 

First, we take a completely unique and custom approach to our training. In fact, we don’t even have an “out of the box” system to try and sell you. Instead, our programs all start with a conversation. One where we work to deeply understand your needs and frustrations. Where we learn why and what made you reach out to talk with us in the first place. After all, we don’t typically get called to come in when things are going well. By the time most companies turn to training, they have already exhausted every other method they can think of. To the point that many times training is the last resort. It’s just the truth of the matter. 

Once we understand what is keeping you up and night, then we build a plan to meet your unique needs that fits with your unique team. One that is relevant, timely and effective. From there your content is outlined, built and finally delivered to your team. 

The difference is measurable. In fact, some of our favorite feedback comes from those participants who walk reluctantly through the door in the morning, dreading their day, only to share in the afternoon that they really wished we had more time! 

It is extremely common for companies and leaders to take the avoidance approach when it comes to those nagging problems that are potentially sticky to wade into. At its core, this is done out of fear. Fear of how the other person will react. Fear of what other problems could be caused. Fear of damaging a long-held relationship. Or even fear of their own actions and behaviors being brought into the light. In other words, if I ignore it long enough it will go away. 

Now, they don’t come right out and say they are avoiding the issue. Instead their words may go something like:

“I’m letting them see if they can work it out on their own.”
“They tend to calm down after a few days.”
“It’s really not that big of an issue.”
“It’s easier if I just do it myself.”
“Oh that’s (fill in the blank) they are just like that.”

And many many more. 

When we get into this conversation, I tend to call the behavior out into the open. “So, you’re avoiding the obstacle?” They kind of avoid eye contact and make gestures that could be either agreement or disagreement depending on the day. Then I ask…. “How’s that working for you?” At that point? 99 out of 100 will laugh and admit, “It’s not.”

See, the question isn’t “Does my organization need training?” It’s “what kind of training does my organization need?”

The latest retention reports show us that it costs a minimum of $15,000 to replace a $40,000 employee. And that’s only the costs we can measure. Plus, with qualified candidates becoming harder and harder to find and business moving forward at a break neck pace, we need our team functioning at the top of their ability. The absolute LAST thing a business needs is their leadership pushing good employees out the door.

But that’s just what happens. 

Research also shows us that people don’t leave companies; people leave people. In fact, 77% of all voluntary turnover is directly tied to preventable factors that stem directly from leadership.  

Right now, the number one criteria for advancement in the US is turnover. If you sit in a chair long enough, they will promote you. But that doesn’t mean that you have what it takes to lead. 

The good news? Leadership is a transferable behavior. And we can help you build the effective, results based skills you need to help your team find and sustain success. 


Training not only helps your team develop the skills, tools and techniques needed to perform at the highest of their ability, but it also shows them that their company is investing in their growth. 

A well-functioning team is an effective team. This is not something that happens by accident. It happens through consistent, effective leadership that is appropriate for the environment, team and required results. 

And here’s the bottom line. If you’ve read this far it means that you’ve already tried a whole bunch of things that didn’t achieve the result you were after. Doesn’t that mean it’s probably time to try something new?

Let us show you how Catalyst can make a true and lasting difference in your team. 

It means just that!

No out of the box solutions here! In fact, we don’t even have them to sell you in the first place. 

All of our content is developed to fit your unique team and your unique needs. It’s as simple as that. 

Reach out to the Catalyst team at helpme@catalystnorthtraining.com

Our team will ask a few key questions to pair you with the right coach and help you get started.

Over the past 5 years we have seen a huge rise in both interest and need around Internal Academies. These Academies are custom built to help you train skilled employee groups, like welders or machinists, on how to perform well within your organization. The idea is that an organization can take a brand-new candidate (even straight out of high school in some cases!) and train them to exact organizational standards in a fraction of the time and without them ever having to set foot out of the building. 

Each Academy is built with your images, your prints and your subject matter expert to ensure you receive a targeted, effective program that is designed to your needs. The result is a steady supply of skilled employees that trained to your exact specifications. 

And, the approach works!

In a recent analysis, one of our Machinist Academies was proven to significantly accelerate the development of entry level Machinists to less than 25% of historical timelines. After graduating the 6-month Academy, the new Machinists tested at a knowledge level historically expected after a 2 year tenure. 

If you feel like your organization could benefit from their own Internal Academy, then feel free to reach out! We would love to help you find creative ways to staff and train your skilled positions.