A Different Approach to Development

Catalyst North is a full-service training and development provider specializing in leadership training, one-on-one coaching & custom content development.

The training and development market is literally FLOODED with people telling you what you need. Leadership Programs, Personality Assessments, Online Academies, Microlearning, Mobile Learning…..the buzz words are as plentiful as the companies who sell them.

But what about what you want?

The beauty of your team and your needs is NOT found in a box designed by someone else. It’s found in the culture, the goals and the people of your organization.

This is what Catalyst North is all about. Sure, we could sell you an out of the box training that we dust off and roll out every Tuesday at 12, but we know you’re worth more than that!

Don’t you think that your team and your needs are unique?

We do. Let us show you the Catalyst difference.